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We Don’t Complicate Things

Using high-quality Scottish beef and lamb, our Biltong is produced at our premises at Rudda Park in Lerwick, meaning it never goes far. Once there, the pure meat is air-dried without being heated or dehydrated meaning it retains proteins, vitamins and minerals. Shetland Biltong is naturally low-carb, low sugar and completely gluten-free.

Lang Ayre - Shetland coastal landscape
St Ninian's beach - Shetland landscape

We Know Our Sh*t

Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of South African craftsmanship as you savour our exceptional Biltong, a true labour of passion expertly guided by the experienced hands of Jay Joubert. As artisans of Biltong in Scotland, our exquisite flavours stand as a unique masterpiece, unmatched and unparalleled. Embark on a journey through a symphony of tastes that can only be savoured here, a testament to our commitment to exceptional quality and distinctive flavours.

We Take Our Meat Quality Seriously

Scottish lamb and beef is some of the best in the world, which is why we use this high-quality meat in our Biltong. We're bringing together the best of Scotland, and the best of South-African Biltong to create a product that is totally original.

Raw lamb on a slate with ingredients
Shetland Biltong on a slate with ingredients

We Don't Do Snack-Guilt

Whether you're enjoying Biltong post or pre-work out, or you're looking for a healthy alternative to late night snacking, Shetland Biltong is packed with proteins and vitamins meaning you can enjoy it guilt free. Unless you stole it from a friend, then get your own.

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