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What is Biltong?

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Our Biltong is made from specially selected, premium cuts of meat.

After our skilled butchers prepare the cuts they are marinated in our secret recipe of herbs and spices. We then slowly air dry the Biltong, producing a healthy and tasty snack that is high in protein, low in fat and carbs.

Biltong originates from South Africa, where for centuries this process has been used to preserve meat from successful hunts.

Is Biltong the same as beef jerky?

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No! Biltong is made using an entirely different recipe and preserving technique.

Jerky is a heavily processed meat snack that is designed only around the flavour of the product.

In most cases jerky snacks are high in sugar and has lots of added preservatives.

Our Biltong is made using only high-quality cuts of prime meat and we rely solely on the marinating, drying, and a small amount of preservative to produce our Biltong.

This ensures that all the natural protein and nutrition is locked into our flavoursome snack.

Why do we believe that you will love our Biltong?

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1: We use only hand selected, premium cuts of meat to produce our Biltong
Our Biltong is made in small batches and is not over-dried, this produces tender and tasty biltong!
3: Shetland Biltong is made the traditional way by a true South African.

Shetland Biltong on a slate with ingredients

What type of meat do we use?

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For Our Lamb Biltong – We use only specially selected cuts of lamb from local crofters and farmers right here in Shetland.

For Our Beef Biltong – We use only prime Scotch beef sourced from farms certified for the highest standards of animal welfare.

What are the ingredients?

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Simple! Only high-quality meat and the finest herbs and spices.

The base of the marinade is made using salt, pepper, coriander and vinegar. Typically, 50-55% of the weight of the meat is lost during air drying.

We never use MSG or artificial colouring in our seasonings!

We must use the minimum amount possible of Potassium Sorbate (E202) to guarantee shelf life.

Do you use artificial preservatives?

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All cured meat products use preservatives to ensure a certain shelf life. We use the minimum amount of Potassium Sorbate (E202) to guarantee our shelf life.

Is there added sugar in Shetland Biltong?

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Only natural sugars that occur in meat and any sugars that have been used as an ingredient in the sugar kelp vinegar and Worcester sauce that we use.

Do I need to keep biltong in the fridge?

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Best to keep your Biltong in the fridge after you open the packet. You can store unopened biltong at room temperature.

How long does Shetland Biltong keep for?

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We have focused on the flavour of our Biltong, by reducing the amount of preservatives used.

We aim to dispatch orders with 6 week shelf-life. We recommend you eat it within 2-3 days of opening the packet.


What happens when I place an order?

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All our Biltong is made in-house right here in our butcher shop in Shetland.

Shetland Biltong is packed and boxed by hand before being sent all over the UK using Royal Mail.

How can I subscribe?

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Simply select a weekly or monthly subscription when completing your order. 

Can I change or cancel my subscription?

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Yes, at any before your next scheduled delivery of Shetland Biltong. 

To make any changes to your subscription, you can create an account or login. On the main account page you can select Subscriptions to view your subscription orders.

Selecting a subscription will show upcoming deliveries, and give you options to pause or cancel your subscription.


Do you deliver outside the uk?

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We only ship within the UK.

Delivery times

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If your question is around delivery times please note that we use Royal Mail. Please check their website for any service updates.

Royal Mail Service Updates

UK orders:

Generally orders take up to 3-5 days but there could be delays of a day or two due to our location.

Return postage

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Please note that return postage is not refundable as this is paid by the customer.

Contact Us

How can I contact customer services?

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You can use our contact form online. We aim to respond within 24-48 hours.

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